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  • Process Filtration Technology: Making Informed Decisions

    Solid-liquid separation is an instrumental part of chemical processing. To separate the solid particles, filter media made of textile or metallic materials and of composite materials are used as the basis for the filter cake. Often there will also be a was

  • Recovering Precious Metals from Spent Chemical Processing Catalysts

    Author: Sabin Metal Corp.

    Most chemical processors use precious-metal-bearing catalysts for facilitating and/or speeding chemical reactions. These catalysts are typically composed of platinum group metals (PGMs). After a number of process cycles the catalysts lose their efficacy a

  • Removing Liquid From Gas

    Author: Sulzer Chemtech USA

    Liquid entrainment in a gas stream can be a disturbance in many industrial processes. In natural-gas processing, higher-order hydrocarbons, water or impurities have to be separated from the main methane stream. Upstream of gas compressors, droplets that ca

  • Rectifier design for fuel ethanol plants reduces energy

    Author: Sulzer Chemtech USA

    Plants have traditionally used trays in the distillation columns to produce fuels grade ethanol. Trays of various configurations have been adequate in this service and their technology is well founded. The ever-present desire to reduce the energy needed to

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