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  • Process Filtration Scale-Up from Lab to Commercial Operation

    Author: BHS

    This article discusses process filtration approach developed for each technology stage starting from batch filtration in the lab to continuous filtration for the full-scale commercial operation. Process engineers must not “jump to conclusions”, a refer

  • Process Filtration Technology: Making Informed Decisions

    Solid-liquid separation is an instrumental part of chemical processing. To separate the solid particles, filter media made of textile or metallic materials and of composite materials are used as the basis for the filter cake. Often there will also be a was

  • Recovering Precious Metals from Spent Chemical Processing Catalysts

    Author: Sabin Metal Corp.

    Most chemical processors use precious-metal-bearing catalysts for facilitating and/or speeding chemical reactions. These catalysts are typically composed of platinum group metals (PGMs). After a number of process cycles the catalysts lose their efficacy a

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