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  • Recovering Precious Metals from Spent Chemical Processing Catalysts

    Author: Sabin Metal Corp.

    Most chemical processors use precious-metal-bearing catalysts for facilitating and/or speeding chemical reactions. These catalysts are typically composed of platinum group metals (PGMs). After a number of process cycles the catalysts lose their efficacy a

  • Maximize Returns from Precious-Metal-Bearing Catalysts

    Author: Sabin

    Many catalytic reactions rely on platinum, palladium and other precious metal catalysts. When the activity of the catalyst declines to the point that it must be replaced, the used catalyst can be sent to a refiner to recover precious metal. This 8-page pap

  • Properly Model and Control Batch Reactors

    This paper covers key aspects for modeling and design of batch reactors, including: heat-up and cool-down performance, sensitivity analysis for reactor parameters, boil-up rate predictions, thermal stability under exothermic conditions, control system desi

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