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  • Metal Dust Explosion Protection

    Author: Fike

    Combustible dust explosions are a known hazard in chemical processing,and metal dusts pose a unique danger. Learn why this concern is growing in urgency and the steps industry regulators and technology leaders are taking to improve risk mitigation.

  • eHandbook: Handle Powders With Care

    Are you looking for more information about handling powders? Do you want to prevent problems before they start and consider alternative methods? This Chemical Processing eHandbook takes a look at how chemicals manufacturers are meeting the challenges of ha

  • Dry Media Dust Collector or Wet Scrubber?

    Author: Camfil

    Wet scrubbers and dry media dust collectors are two very different technologies used to capture dusts generated during production processes. Both types have inherent advantages and disadvantages. Which is best for your application? The choice is not always

  • Powder eHandbook: Make Solid Progress

    Are you looking for more information about solids processing operations? The practice of chemical engineering underpins chemical processing. Universities teach design methods for unit operations such as distillation and heat transfer. However, colleges sel

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