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Chemical Processing features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King.

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Current Submissions

"At my last place we always dressed up for Halloween." Submitted by Christina Hermens, California

"If you hire me, I may consider not (fire-ing) you." Submitted by Christopher Spoor, Oklahoma

"I'm seeking a company I can move up in!!" Submitted by Christopher Spoor, Oklahoma

"My last employer fired me because I wouldn't shave my goatee. Honest!" Submitted by Craig Koerner, Wisconsin

""just one name" Satan that's S...A..T" Submitted by Cyle Doran, Georgia

"I am perfect for your new BBQ pit master, I have been spit-roasting for years." Submitted by Dave Laycock, Singapore

"My last position was hellish!" Submitted by Fred Infortunio, Texas

"I reeeally want this job. Bill, I know where your family lives! How's little Timmy been feeling? Bill are you hearing me?" Submitted by George Hudak, Oklahoma

"Bill, SS# sure, 666-G2-7734 !" Submitted by George Hudak, Oklahoma

"Well, in my own defense, that was a very, long time ago and they were in breach of contract." Submitted by George Lavoie, Maine

"I have extensive experience in thermodynamics and HR recruitment" Submitted by Gerald Pippin, Texas

"Without me, there would be no Go(o)d!" Submitted by Jatin Shah, India

"Just write: Politician" Submitted by Jesus Velazquez, Mexico

"Let's just say that I've been working... "Down Under"!" Submitted by Jim McDow, Georgia

"You want some personal history? Well OK.. Long ago, in a celestial palace far, far away...." Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"My birth name was Lucifer, I go by Satan, but my wife just calls me her little devil." Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"My mistake, I didn't realize this was a Christian owned business. Do you have a back door I can quietly sneak out of?" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"You'll find my records under my legal name, Donald Trump." Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"Based on your results, I will have to strongly suggest that you go straight downstairs to the HR department. That's Hell's Recruitment, not Human Resources." Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"I'm sorry, I'm very nervous.....Is it hot in here?" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"So, you're saying that you CAN'T find ANY redeeming qualities for me?" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"Actually, I wasn't fired from my last job, I was banished for thinking I was better than my boss. And yes, I do have anger issues." Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"I know all there is to know about fire I mean heat transfer and getting into hot water." Submitted by John Opiola, Pennsylvania

"To climb the ladder of success, I just figured I'd start at the bottom." Submitted by John Ostrander, South Carolina

"I once was a Lawyer!" Submitted by Julian Voss, Michigan

"i know there are gaps in my employment record, but I promise you that I am ready to be a contributing member of the team." Submitted by Kenneth Russell, Georgia

"I deceive, cheat and lie a lot, I'm highly qualified for top management!" Submitted by Martin Czebotar, New Jersey

"I'm also the " HALLOWEEN DEVIL'S ADVOCATE" who apply for jobs at this scary time of the year like myself." Submitted by Marvin Sager, Maryland

"I have a long experience in energy generation, you can ask to anybody of my skill on this field." Submitted by Miguel Monsalve, Venezuela

"I've got experience with heat processing and fire and explosion best practices." Submitted by Nathan Winfield, Ohio

"My employer sent me to clarify some information in my background check." Submitted by Nelson Gil, Texas

"The long, vast experience and knowledge that I gained as "king of the bottomless pit" should be more than equivalent to the prerequisite university degrees you mention in your job description for the position...." Submitted by Orlando Rainey, Virginia

"O! Another irrelevant evil soul!. Sir; we know who you are. Just do not call us, we will call you!" Submitted by Rabih Zayed, Nova Scotia

"Sir, it says here: U R Unreliable Employee!. U don't Bend. U Challenge the Status quo And U Did not Jump on The Master 's bandwagon! So I guess U R doomed for the rest of your life into HELL!" Submitted by Rabih Zayed, Nova Scotia

"You can check all of the details and you will see that I am there." Submitted by Ralph Quigley, Georgia

"But I know I would be perfect for the HR position." Submitted by Richard Gauthe, North Carolina

"Sometimes a sinus infection has its upsides." Submitted by Richard Gauthe, North Carolina

"I thought I could learn a few new tricks from the FDA." Submitted by Richard Omara, Indiana

"Is this where we sign up for "POLITITION TRAINING"?" Submitted by Rob Belk, California

"I lost my last job because I couldn't get along with my BOSS." Submitted by Ron Belk, California

"My first Job? Oh I was a trip advisor for a guy named Adam and his wife Eve!" Submitted by Scott Griffin, Indiana