Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption

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Chemical Processing features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King.

Please complete the form below the cartoon to submit your caption. The winning caption will be featured on our Web site and in the Chemical Processing Weekly eNewsletter.

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Current Submissions

"Hey, this rupture disc shouldn't be here!" Submitted by Claudio Novida, Philippines

"I can't read that without my safety glasses." Submitted by Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, Colo.

"As you can see in this picture taken just before the fatal sign collapse, our cost reduction efforts got us down to only one bolt for the entire structure." Submitted by ERIC SCHARPF, Dunedin, New Zealand

"The HSE director has young children and believes that you get peoples attention by increasing the volume of the message" Submitted by Fred Durrenberger, Columbia, Mo.

"You're right, that sign does cover the hole where the #7 and #12 pressure relief valves landed." Submitted by Gene Botts, Stillwater, Okla.

"Corporate mandated to improve our safety record, did you step foot in the field? Goodness no, that's dangerous. I exhausted our approved capital expenditures on this giant sign!" Submitted by Greg G., Illinois

"I feel safer already!!" Submitted by Harry Harris, Grand River, Ohio

"Well Larry, there goes the safety budget........" Submitted by Ian Cairns, Leeds, UK

"Well Larry, there goes the safety budget........" Submitted by Ian Cairns, Leeds, UK

"Apparently not good results last month on Safety!" Submitted by Jesús E. Velazquez y Martinez, Panjin, Mexico

"I think this is readable enough during foggy days." Submitted by Johann Cruz, Philippines

"Is this really the safest place for the sign?" Submitted by Joseph Bedson, San Antonio, Texas

"Well I guess this means they really are serious this time." Submitted by Kenneth Russell, Buford, Ga.

"Yah....that will fix everything." Submitted by KIRBY HOSTETLER, BARBERTON, Ohio

"I feel safer already..." Submitted by LARRY SHADE, Augusta, Ga.

"¿Qué dice? (what does it say?)" Submitted by Larry Shade, Augusta, Ga.

"Maybe this program will last more than a year..." Submitted by Larry Shade, Augusta, Ga.

"I heard the new owners were big on safety..." Submitted by Larry Shade, Augusta, Ga.

"Think safety... make it bigger!" Submitted by Lino Santos, Coimbra, Portugal

"According to GHS, "Safety" is an irritant." Submitted by Luke Vincent, Visalia, Calif.

"SAFETY EXPLANATION POINT! Code words for, STAY HERE OR DANGER!" Submitted by Marvin Sager, Rockville, Md.

"It's very windy. We shouldn't be standing here." Submitted by Michael Sweeney, Cumberland, R.I.

"So what do you think they are trying to tell us?" Submitted by Monica Murray, Sweden

"This sign alone is expected to reduce our incidents by 20%..." Submitted by Orlando Rainey, Front Royal, Va.

"I was looking for more impact. I wish we could have fit all of the text on one line." Submitted by RANDY JOHNSON, Piscataway, NJ

"Funny they put this sign up in front of the Corporate offices..." Submitted by Robert Dotson, Jacksonville, Fla.

"Do you think everyone will see the sign this time?" Submitted by Roger Cassell, West Alexandria, Texas

"I may be wrong, but I THINK the order was for (10) 1-foot wide signs, not (1) 10-foot wide sign." Submitted by Scott Bryan, Newhebron, Miss.

"They must have had leftover year-end money....." Submitted by Tony Tipton, Aiken, S.C.