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Chemical Processing features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King.

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Current Submissions

"Oh no it's Corporate, we're busted!!!" Submitted by Christopher Spoor, Oklahoma

"Cool. . . Billy was right. These chemical engineers are super skittish." Submitted by Crystal Sowerbox, Toledo

"Think they are a little worried about those Menthos my drone has, they do have a nice vat of coke there as a target!" Submitted by Dave Laycock, Singapore

"The kid with the drone showed up and the Colony Binge Watching Club freaked out." Submitted by David Debari, Florida

"Are they using drones for staff mapping? Does the director's son do it?" Submitted by Ernesto Calderon, Ecuador

"Bobby messes with the AI group by letting them think their newest weaponized drone has gone rouge!" Submitted by George Hudak, Oklahoma

"Bobby builds his first ZIKA drone!" Submitted by George Hudak, Georgia

"It's a, it's a plane, it's a maniac kid with a for your lives" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"Seriously!!! These engineers have no sense of humor. Everything goes over their heads." Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"Acme Brick Co, tests its new delivery system. It's so easy a child can do it......" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"After being completely covered in "it", everyone realizes that that thing is an electronic pigeon and can hit it's target without fail." Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"Timmy learns a valuable lesson: To never fly his silent hovering vehicle over a therapy group recovering from alien abduction." Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"Run for cover! It's Donald Trump's new surveillance system!!!!" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"It's de plane, boss. De plane!" Submitted by Kenneth Russell, Georgia

"We surrender to a higher authority controlled by juvenile delinquents." Submitted by Marvin Sager, Maryland

"Run ! The drone is departing from it's critically stable condition" Submitted by Nelson Jaramillo, Venezuela

"After the STEM committee ridiculed the likelihood of a Star Wars drone, Buster turned on the tractor beam and removed their precious metals" Submitted by Randy Johnson, New Jersey

"And now we test our clinical results..." Submitted by Rebecca Miller, Connecticut

"Scatter!, it uses Lithium Ion battery!" Submitted by Tim Cullina, Illinois

"Take us with you! Far away from speculation about the Internet of Things!" Submitted by Tom Brewer, Ohio

"And they all jumped for joy and shouted hallelujah! The creators are returning!" Submitted by Tommy Little, Texas

" a ET !!!...Someone is not preparing for change...." Submitted by Wilmer Huertas, Peru