Cartoon Caption Intimidates Its Way To The Top

Hoping to avoid disaster here at Chemical Processing, we chose the latest Comical Processing cartoon caption winner wisely.

Mervin Archer's take on what was happening in the cartoon literally made us laugh out loud. If you look back at past cartoons, you will see Mervin's submissions peppered throughout – so apparently this is an autobiographical caption. However, I think he may have come up with at least one other winning caption.

Are you sure you want to drop this
just because they didn’t pick
your submission?

The golden moments like these prove that our audience is engaged with the magazine. Thanks for all the great submissions – and here's to many more in the future. Just don't get any funny ideas if your caption doesn't earn the top spot!

Traci Purdum
Senior Digital Editor

P.S. Here's the link to the current cartoon: