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Webinar Explains Why pH Probes Are Important

Dylan Inspires Scientists

I just read about five Swedish-based scientists who have been inserting Bob Dylan lyrics into research articles as part of a long-running bet. After 17 years, the researchers revealed their race to quote Dylan as many times as possible before retirement.

UPDATE: Winner Named Favorite Chemistry Communicator

Forget American Idol, there's a new contest in town. A panel of three expert science communicators will provide feedback to five early-career chemists competing for the title of American Chemical Society’s Chemistry Champion.

Industrial Rotten Egg Smell May Be Eradicated

If you've ever driven on the Indiana Turnpike into Chicago, you know you will pass through a few stretches of highway that smell like rotten eggs. It's not just in Indiana, it's in every state that features industrial manufacturing. I used to take a bus to work in downtown Cleveland.

Three Cheers For Female Lego Scientists

Well it's about time. Lego brand toys is going to introduce a female minifigure set that will feature a paleontologist, an astronomer and a chemist.

CHF Helps Wannabe Astronauts Get Suited For Space

just read about Chemical Heritage Foundation's (CHF) display Suited for Space, a traveling exhibition developed by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and supported by DuPont.

Series Offers Edgy Look At Women In Science

If you've spent any time on Facebook, you've probably come across the page "I F*cking Love Science." It's loaded with great science-related content delivered with a snarky attitude. It's right up my alley. And I'm no stranger to cussing, so the name of the page is just fine by me.

So what do you do with a STEM degree?

Have a degree in science, technology, engineering or math and not sure what do with your life? Why not hop on stage and front a band or dazzle millions on the silver screen. Need a few mentors to emulate? The Guardian posted a slideshow of 15 people you can look...

Trees Provide Rocket Fuel And Clean Water

Science is getting back to nature. Two separate press releases that crossed my desk made me want to go hug a tree. The first one touts new water filtration technologies via tree branches. The other notes that researchers have engineered a bacterium to synthesize pinene, a hydrocarbon produced by trees...