CP Weekly - May 31st, 2024
It's National Heat Awareness Day
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May 31, 2024

Climate health tops the coverage this week as the Biden administration announced nearly $15 million in grants for developing technologies to reclaim and destroy hydrofluorocarbons. And don’t forget about robots and drones -- they are sniffing out fugitive emissions. All this and a new cartoon from Jerry King. What more could you want from a short workweek? – Traci Purdum, editor-in-chief

How major players like Chevron, Wacker and Shell are using drones, robots and optimization systems to meet the challenge.
Taking the time to provide genuine and effective feedback builds people’s leadership skills.
A PEM electrolyzer optimizes conversion of hydrogen molecules into protons at the anode while directly converting CO2 to formic acid at the cathode.
On National Heat Awareness day it's time to find cool ways to cut summertime energy costs.
Five university centers awarded $15 million to develop technologies for reclaiming, destroying hydrofluorocarbons used in refrigeration.
study opens up new avenues for synthesizing organosulfur compounds with applications across many domains, including pharmaceuticals.
Exxon Mobil will tap lithium-rich brines deep underground using processes similar to those used in its existing production and refining businesses.
Yet another Jerry King gem awaits your captions!