CP Weekly - May 24th, 2024
Bob Dylan is 83 today
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May 24, 2024

This week, we learned of the Biden administration’s plans to increase tariffs on Chinese imports and what appears to be retaliation from China, which announced it would initiate an anti-dumping investigation into plastics imported from the United States, the European Union, Taiwan and Japan. On a lighter note, we looked at happy accidents that changed the world. – Traci Purdum, editor-in-chief

Lacamas Laboratories and ACMI discuss their partnership to secure domestic production of a key defense department material.
Challenging current operations may spur significant improvements
As we look back 50 years, we can see both deliberate and creeping change played significant roles in the catastrophic explosion and fire that tore through the Nypro plant in Flixborough, U.K., resulting in the tragic loss of 28 lives and leaving 36 others injured.
Bob Ross isn’t the only one to have happy accidents.
In honor of Bob Dylan's birthday, this blog post from 2014 highlights how Swedish scientists insert Dylan lyrics into research.
November 2019 explosions prompted evacuations and released millions of pounds of extremely hazardous substances.
Uncertainty remains with some potential benefits for domestic chemical producers as the industry awaits Biden administration's final ruling.
Capacity extension in SAS Chemicals aimed at advancing global high-performance façade industry.
The American Chemistry Council praises the new FAA reauthorization bill, which establishes no-fly zones and a risk-based approach for hazardous material transport.
Yet another Jerry King gem awaits your captions!
Manually scanning safety data sheets (SDSs) for hazardous ingredients is hardly efficient and certainly not safe.
During this webchat, explore how to successfully implement condition monitoring technology to harness the power of data and drive effective decision-making.