CP Weekly - May 17th, 2024
On this date in 1875 the first Kentucky Derby was run at Churchill Downs and the winning horse was Aristides.
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May 17, 2024

I love a good thriller, especially when I can read it on the clock. In our latest process safety podcast, we interviewed former CSB investigator and author Stephen Wallace. His debut novel is a little bit of Chernobyl meets CSI. This week we also heard from industry experts on the onslaught of new regulations. Oh, and Exxon is going to appeal it’s $725.5 million lawsuit. – Traci Purdum, editor-in-chief

Stephen J. Wallace’s novel is set in an ethylene production facility where an explosion kills workers. Plant management, emboldened by powerful political allies, scramble to hide the truth.
Latest Production Pulse segment explores EPA regulations targeting hazardous air pollutants and PFAS chemicals.
Transmitter uses electromagnetic acoustic transduction and can be installed without interrupting operations.
In honor of the first running of the Kentucky Derby on this date in 1875, let's explore horse manure as biofuel.
Study demonstrates how biomass-derived SACs can catalyze the selective hydrogenation of nitroaromatic compounds.
EPA reminds operators of some basic steps to prepare for hazardous weather
Students from Trine University took first place at AIChE’s North Central Student Regional Conference Chem-E Car Competition.
Jerry King has created another great cartoon. It's up to you to come up with the caption.