eHandbook: Dampen Water/Wastewater Difficulties

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The quest to optimize water re-use and anticipate regulatory pressures is driving many plants to give increasing attention to their wastewater. There are several ways to establish world-class production practices and create safe, clean and environmentally conscious processes. One way is seal-and-support system design that insulates the process from sources of contamination. Another way is careful choice of cooling-water treatment technologies and programs that can avoid problems in your cooling tower system.

To help you put a damper on water difficulties, we’ve put together another Chemical Processing eHandbook. It includes insight on:

  • Rethink Your Seal Support System -- Consider how its cleanliness impacts your process
  • Conquer Cooling Water Treatment Challenges -- Advances in technology can help forestall fouling, scaling and corrosion in cooling systems
  • Wastewater Treatment Gets a New Spin -- Newly commercialized and emerging technologies promise significant benefits

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