Webinar: Dust Control December 11, 2014 | Chemical Processing


2:00 PM ET/ 1:00PM CT

Dusts generated during processing and materials handling can raise environmental and safety risks. This panel discussion will look at how to realistically control dusts.


GuyCalonna 90x90Guy Colonna, NFPA
Division Manager

Guy Colonna is the Division Manager, managing the Industrial and Chemical Engineering department for the National Fire Protection Association.

He has been with NFPA for 28 years and holds engineering degrees from the US Coast Guard Academy and Stanford University. He is also a registered professional engineer in chemical engineering in Massachusetts.
His responsibilities at NFPA include management of the Marine Chemist Training and Certification Program and NFPA activities dealing with marine fire protection. He has also served as Staff Liaison to committees dealing with safeguards at solids handling facilities where combustible dusts might be present; as well as, explosives, industrial fire brigades, explosion protection systems including venting of deflagrations, and pyrotechnics and special effects.

ashokAshok Dastidar, Ph.d.,MBA
Vice President, Dust & Flammability Testing and Consulting Services

Dr. Ashok Ghose Dastidar specializes in Chemical Process Hazards Analysis, Flammable Dusts, Liquids & Vapors Explosion and Combustion Hazards Analysis and Testing and Electrostatic Hazards Analysis. He has extensive technical experience performing tests and analyzing data.

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