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Refinery Pipe Inspections Get A Lift With New Device

Device provides a safe and effective option for checking contact points. Check out the simple 10-step process.

By Brad E. Cummins, special emphasis inspection lead
Mar 4, 2019

Inspecting for external corrosion at piping contact points in refineries is challenging. As pipe coatings and insulation systems age, the potential for water ingress increases, making external corrosion of piping inevitable. Additional factors such as steam tracing leaks that can introduce the potential for moisture accumulation under insulation systems often compound the threat. These conditions can and do combine to result in external corrosion of refinery piping, especially at crevices like those found at contact points. Making matters worse, the importance of installing external corrosion prevention devices, such as rain rods, pipe shoes, etc., wasn’t fully recognized in older piping installations. As a result, aging refineries diligently should check for corrosion at contact points.

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