Voices: From the Editor

Academics Avert “L-pocalypse”

Engineering schools’ experts find way to avoid full shutdown of vital transit line

By Mark Rosenzweig, Editor in Chief
Jan 28, 2019

My aggravation with the dismissive attitude shown by too many chemical engineering professors toward real-world application of technology isn’t a secret. For instance, just last month in my editorial “Young Engineers Need Our Help,” I complained that professors sneer at the idea of a new chemical engineering graduate getting some experience in industry before pursuing an academic career. In addition, about a year ago in “Funders Fumble Fractionation,” I decried the lack of practical research on distillation in chemical engineering departments, despite that unit operation’s importance to industry. Attention to real-world issues would sully the teaching of first principles and undermine the purity of fundamental research, too many academics insist.

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