Voices: Energy Saver

Why You Should Consider A Thermocompressor

This unit offers potential opportunities for improving energy efficiency

By Alan Rossiter, Energy Saver Columnist
Mar 19, 2019

I first encountered a thermocompressor as a young process engineer working at a multiple-effect salt evaporation plant. The device sat at the back of the plant, blending medium-pressure steam (MPS) and low-pressure steam (LPS), to provide intermediate-pressure steam (IPS) for the evaporation train. In the years since then, I’ve found many other uses for thermocompressors. They are used commonly to satisfy a demand for steam at a pressure that’s slightly higher than one of the header pressures in the site’s central steam system — generally the low-pressure (LP) header. In most cases, the end user of the steam is a reboiler for a distillation column.

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