Vibra Screw Bin Activator Suspension Solves High Load Issu

Vibra Screw Inc. introduces a new Bin Activator hanger that provides up to 10 times the dynamic load bearing capacity of all previous designs, according to the company. It prevents nearly all overload issues that can arise in high volume bins with dense or fluidized  material, or where pneumatic filling creates higher than normal bin pressures. Costly repairs and production downtime are reportedly eliminated.

High bin loads can cause rubber isolator bushings in standard hangers to over compress leading to additional vibration transmission to the bin structure and sagging that can create leakage of material from the Activator main seal. The new cable hanger eliminates the rubber isolator while maintaining nearly total vibration isolation from the bin structure and without sagging.

Similar to the suspension systems on the world’s largest bridges, the hanger uses 7/8 inch wire cable fitted to a mounting block that quickly retrofits existing Vibra Screw Bin Activator hangers.

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