Steam Quality Testing Unit Reduces Testing Times

Carltex Inc. introduces the Steam Quality Testing SQ1E NCG Unit from KSA. The automatically controlled, air-cooled condenser with backlit displays dramatically reduces set-up and testing times for non-condensable gases (NCG). The unit is designed for the pharma, biotech and healthcare industries.

The SQ1E features:

  • Air cooling – eliminates the hassle of using cooling water.
  • Integral burette with push-button zeroing – makes it easier to start test and control testing.
  • Condensate flow pause button –condensate is not lost when re-zeroing the burette
  • Backlighting for burette and measuring beaker – provides clear visual indication of condensate level
  • Carrying handle – offers portability.

The SQ1E is available as a stand-alone unit or bundled as part of the new EN285-compliant SQ1-E Steam Quality Test Kit, used for testing pure/clean and plant steam physical parameters: dryness value, superheat and NCG.


SQ1 E 2
Quality control
Product Type:
Analytical technology