CADWorx Design Review Professional Improves Collaboration

CADWorx & Analysis Solutions releases CADWorx Design Review Professional, a model visualization and publishing platform that reportedly improves collaboration among multiple software by utilizing tools for project review, markups and field walk throughs, helping to reduce engineering and design time and lower overall project costs. With CADWorx Design Review Professional, users can create realistic visualizations and access intelligent information regarding model components. The software’s rendering tool adjusts color, transparency and model shadows, and with the flexible selection sets, the user can adjust settings for single components as well as for line numbers, Xrefs and other elements. The software’s intuitive interface provides fast and smooth navigation and manipulation of even the largest, most complex models, according to the company. All model data, such as component names and descriptions and line numbers, are easy to access. This allows users to make changes or add questions to the visualization through each phase of the design and easily track project progress through visualization of components based on model data.