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BASF Selects Siemens For Brownfield Exchange Modernization

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jun 11, 2019

Siemens receives an order from BASF Schwarzheide GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE, to modernize the industrial power plant in Schwarzheide, Germany with key components. The Brownfield Exchange project involves replacing a gas turbine from another original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with a new industrial gas turbine from Siemens as well as servicing the machine for 15 years. In addition, Siemens will install a Siestart battery storage product that will reportedly enable the entire power plant to start up independently of an external power supply.

The BASF combined cycle power plant in Schwarzheide went into operation in 1994. At the heart of the plant are two industrial gas turbines from another OEM and two industrial steam turbines from Siemens. In addition to electricity, the plant provides process steam for the production plants at site. As part of the power plant modernization, Siemens will replace one of the two existing industrial gas turbines with an SGT-800 gas turbine with a capacity of 57 megawatts (MW). The higher efficiency of the new gas turbine means that less natural gas needs to be burned for the same amount of electricity, lowering fuel costs and CO2 emissions, according to Siemens.

For the Siestart product, Fluence Energy, a company of Siemens and AES, is providing a battery energy storage system. This will reportedly ensure that the power plant can be started at any time independently of an external power supply. This blackstart capability will enable BASF to start up the plant at any time and produce necessary electricity and process steam, according to Siemens.

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