Rembe Introduces Q-Ball Flameless Venting System

Rembe introduces the Q- Ball flameless explosion venting system. Primarily designed for elevators and screeners, the Q-Ball uses the contour parallel venting principle to ensure maximum venting effectiveness while reducing the required vent area to a minimum, according to the company. The Q-Ball design reportedly features extreme low weight due to replacement of the outer frame profiles.

In addition to its minimum weight, with four available sizes, the Q-ball is suited for low strength equipment such as elevators. Integrated signaling means easy monitoring, according to Rembe. An optional available cover protects the Q-Ball from water and dust indoors and outdoors. Retrofitting of existing vent panel installations is reportedly easy.

Rembe Q-Ball features explosion-proof housing structures that will stay stable even during extreme, dynamic explosions. Additionally, designs in stainless mesh material result in cooling down flames (up to 5400 °F) extremely efficiently within 500 milliseconds, according to the company. This, in turn, extinguishes the explosion – heat, dust and pressure remain in the Q-Ball. Proximity to an external wall is not required, so the explosion protection system can be used in the middle of production facilities. 


Q Ball Studio 2017 101
Product Type:
Over-pressure and explosion protection
Rembe Inc.