Vertiflo Pump Introduces Vertical Wet Pit Series 1100 Cantilever Pump

Vertiflo Pump introduces the rugged Vertical Wet Pit Series 1100 Cantilever pump with a vortex, fully recessed impeller, designed for solids pumping in light to medium slurries in applications including floating retention pond pumping systems. The pump features:

  • Flows to 1,600 GPM and heads to 170 feet. 
  • Pump length up to 6 feet. 
  • Solids handling up to 4” diameter. 
  • Shaft diameter to 5”. 
  • Construction materials include cast iron, 316 s.s., CD4, alloy 20 and 28% chrome iron. 

Also available is the 1200 Series centrifugal cantilever pump with flows to 2,500 GPM and heads to 140 feet, designed for tough applications requiring the cantilever design and construction but with smaller solids pumping capability. 

Vertiflo 1100 Pump
Fluid handling
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