Koch Membrane Systems Causti-COR Nanofiltration Systems Recover Caustic For Reuse

Koch Membrane Systems launches Causti-COR Nanofiltration Standard Systems for caustic recovery and reuse. The systems are specifically designed to recover and purify caustic for reuse in food, beverage and industrial applications.

Causti-COR Systems reportedly offer a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to recover up to 95% of caustic from solutions used to clean process equipment in industrial applications. Patented KMS SelRO spiral wound elements allow purification of up to 20% sodium or potassium hydroxide at solution temperatures up to 70°C (160°F).

“These systems recycle caustic for reuse, consume less energy, reduce material and disposal costs and lower effluent and waste discharge into the environment, thereby providing both an economic and environmental value to our customers,” says Manny Singh, president of Koch Membrane Systems.

Six models of Causti-COR systems are available to handle flow rates up to 32 m3/hr (200,000 GPD). There are three batch mode systems for processing feed flow rates between 1 and 15 m3/hr (6,000 – 100,000 GPD) and three continuously operated systems for processing feed flow rates between 4 and 32 m3/hr (25,000 – 200,000 GPD). Custom-engineered systems are available to treat larger or application-specific flow rates.


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