SPX Introduces Marley F400 Cooling Tower Modules

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of evaporative and air-cooled heat exchangers, introduces new modular construction techniques for the Marley F400 Cooling Tower.  For large-scale HVAC, power and heavy industrial applications, the F400 Cooling Tower is a counterflow field-erected tower.                    

Choosing modular construction offers several advantages, according to SPX. Factory-assembled modules reportedly ensure consistent product quality. Less laydown area is required on site for material storage to alleviate congestion and enable other construction activities to proceed. Faster installation results in a reduced construction schedule and less impact from weather-related delays, according to the company

Modular components are shipped via flatbed trucks to the jobsite to meet the construction schedule. Lower structural members are grouped into kits at the factory, then delivered so limited laydown area as needed. Factory-assembled fill modules arrive and are hoisted directly from flatbed onto the cooling tower substructure. The process continues with water distribution system piping assemblies, upper plenum structural components, casing, fan deck and mechanical components arriving to meet jobsite requirements.

Each F400 tower is uniquely configured to meet exact performance, structural and sound specifications. The Marley F400 Cooling Tower’s counterflow design reportedly allows maximum thermal performance capability per unit of plan area and minimizes pump head requirements. It is available with a choice of heat exchange media to satisfy nearly any water quality.