Milwaukee Cylinder Launches Vulcan Series Hydraulic Cylinders

Milwaukee Cylinder introduces the Vulcan Series hydraulic cylinders. Designed to operate at higher temperatures than typical cylinder environments, the Vulcan Series is suited for industrial workplaces with rugged operations, continuous cycles and hot environments, according to the company. The Vulcan Series hydraulic cylinders provide complete customization, allowing users to match the right level of temperature protection to the specific application.

The Vulcan Series is constructed with Milwaukee Cylinder’s NFPA industrial tie rod cylinder. The heavy-duty cylinder design can withstand high cycle times and provides a long, maintenance-free service life, according to the company. The basic design can be modified to handle high temperature applications, based on specific application needs. 

Seals be changed to withstand higher temperatures and/or additional components can be added to the cylinder itself. Milwaukee Cylinder’s water-cooled jacket designs moderate the internal temperature of the cylinder and reduce cylinder failure that would otherwise come from high temperature degradation of hydraulic fluid or heat-related seal failure. 


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