Cashco Introduces Model 6E00 End-Of-Line Flame Arrestor

Cashco, Inc. introduces the Model 6E00 end-of-line deflagration flame arrestor, an independent safety system reportedly designed to ensure explosion protection. According to the company, the crimped SST metal element allows vapor to pass through, enabling a vessel to breathe. At the same time, an element inside the housing provides an extinguishing barrier by absorbing heat, reportedly preventing the propagation of a flame from the exposed side to the protected side.

Because there are no moving parts, maintenance is minimal, according to Cashco. The flame cell element can be removed for inspection and cleaning with an appropriate solvent solution. The 6E00 is available in a range of sizes with either threaded or flanged connections to fit multiple applications.

cas 6E00 3234
Product Type:
Over-pressure and explosion protection