Festo Introduces VSNC Series Namur Valves

Festo introduces the VSNC series NAMUR valves. With multiple coil options, including Class I Division 1(FM) or intrinsic safety, the VSNC Series is suited for ordinary environments and hazardous locations alike, according to the company.

The VSNC Series is available as one unit for 3/2 and 5/2 functionality. The switchable seal doesn’t require the storage of additional parts to convert the configuration from one operation to the other. Available in 5/3 options, the VSNC Series for positioning applications can be ordered with the mid position as closed, pressurized or exhausted.

Offering two body types, the VSNC Series is available with either a brass or stainless steel tube. The higher end model features an aluminum body and a protected exhaust. Festo also offers the coil and the valve as one piece and all models are available with either ¼-inch G or NPT threads. The rebreather function routes treated air from port 3 to the spring chamber. This enhances the life of the actuator by using clean air instead of air from the environment, which often contains dust and contaminants.

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