Bonomi NA Introduces Split-Body ANSI 150 Flanged Valves

Bonomi North America introduces a new line of ANSI Class 150 flanged industrial V-port ball valves designed for precise flow control and easy automation. The split-body valves are available with 30°, 60° or 90° V-shaped ports. They are particularly suited for use with corrosive fluids, gases and all steam applications.

Series VF300, VF600 and VF900 raised-face flanged valves are available in sizes ½ inch to 6 inches. They feature an ASTM A351-CF8M stainless steel body and ball, and a 316 stainless steel blowout proof stem and meet ANSI 16.5, 16.10 and 16.34 standards.

Their ISO 5211/DIN 3337 mounting pad and stem accept any appropriately sized ISO standard actuator. They are performance-matched to Bonomi’s own Valbia brand electric and pneumatic actuators in single-number automated valve packages for exacting flow control in critical process applications. 

High-performance seats of 50% stainless steel powder and 50% PTFE provide strength sealing properties. Live-loaded stem packing is standard. An anti-static device prevents static electric discharges during operation.


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