Aalborg Instruments Introduces TPT Mini-Peristaltic Pump

Aalborg Instruments’ Model TPT Mini features flow rates from 7 mL/min to 28 mL/min with a choice of four different RPM drives (8, 12, 17, or 25) and tubing sizes. Two plastic slide on/off plastic tubing holders accommodate tubing replacements or tubing size changes. Two thumbscrews mounted on the housing allow easy occlusion wall adjustments and secure the safety shield. Recommended tubing sizes include: 1/16” ID x 1/32” wall and 1/8” ID x 1/32” wall.

The 3.5 pound pump features rigid fiberglass housing, 4-roller aluminum pump head, cast bronze self-lubricating rollers, on-off/CW-CCW reversible settings and a continuous duty 24 VDC brush style gear motor with an internal permanent magnet.

TPT pumps are suitable for residential, laboratory and industrial applications including pH control, fermentation equipment, nutrient dosing and environmental sampling functions.


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