Dual-Shaft Mixers Enable Powder Dispersion

Ross Dual-Shaft Mixers enable efficient powder dispersion and convenient batch temperature control for manufacturing low to high viscosity formulations. Two heavy-duty independently-driven agitators, a high speed disperser and a two-wing anchor deliver a wide range of shear levels and flow patterns that can adapt to the varying rheologies of solutions, pastes, gels, suspensions and slurries throughout the mixing cycle.

The saw tooth disperser blade draws solids into a powerful vortex and disintegrates dry agglomerates as the low speed anchor continuously stirs the batch. This combination of mixing actions ensures a thorough turnover – fresh product is constantly coming in contact with the disperser and materials around the periphery are continuously being scraped off the vessel surfaces.

Rated for full vacuum operation up to 29.5 inches Hg, the system produces smooth and air-free mixtures with a tight particle size distribution. All wetted parts are stainless steel 316 including the mixer, which has 3-inch sight/charge ports and a connection for a vacuum. The disperser and anchor are driven by 15HP and 10HP explosion-proof inverter duty motors, respectively. Both agitator shafts utilize single mechanical seals with Viton O-rings.

Many sizes from one through 4000 gallons come standard. Most Dual-Shaft Mixers up to 300 gallons are supplied with a jacketed mix vessel mounted on casters. Finished product is discharged through a bottom ball valve by gravity or with the use of a hydraulic ram discharge system. A range of built-in control options is available, from simple variable frequency drives to PLC recipe systems.


Ross DualShaft Mixer Model CDA100
Powders and solids
Product Type:
Mixing, blending
Charles Ross & Son Company