Air Vent Designed For Sanitary Use

TLV introduced the VS3 air vent for sanitary applications. The VS3 sanitary air vent broadens TLV’s series of stainless steel products for use with sanitary applications needing an air vent for a liquid line or filter. Three-point seating and a rubber valve seat allow for tight sealing of TLV’s Free Float.  The VS3 also meets specific requirements for materials, surface treatments, component configuration and Industry standards set by the FDA and USP. The VS3 is available with internal and external electro-polished surface finishes as fine as 0.4 µm Ra.

The VS3 offers:

• 3-point seating for tight shut-off.

• Dual function as an air vent and vacuum breaker.

• Compact design for installation in confined or tight spaces.

• Crevice-free design for free drainage of liquids without pooling and easy cleaning after shutdown.

• Only one moving part, the Free Float.

VS3P Image
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Steam systems