Pump Heads Include Adjustable Features for User Flexibility

Aalborg Instruments’ TPU1 and TPU2 pump heads provide users the flexibility to connect these models to their own motor or to one purchased from Aalborg’s catalog.

Each head is mounted on a front panel with an adjustable occlusion wall and safety cover. Users can attach the pump head to their motor using the existing mounting holes or modify them to fit their needs. TPU pump heads are designed for low to high viscosities. Fluids never touch the pump head.

The pump head, the tubing’s inside diameter and the motor’s RPM affect the flow rate. The pump also features four rollers (TPU 1) or 10 rollers (TPU 2) to minimize pulsing, stainless steel rollers and shafts, a maximum lift of 340 in. H2O (12.3 psig) and maximum suction of 350 in. H2O (12.6 psig).

Fluid handling
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