Packaged Boilers Include Energy-Efficiency Features

To meet the needs of the projected manufacturing growth in 2013, Indeck has boilers available for plants that need superheated or saturated steam for chemical, steel, refinery, petrochemical, food, dairy and pulp and paper processing industries. 

The boilers include the A-style design packaged watertube boilers capable of generating 250,000 pph of superheated steam, and 800-psi design pressure (300-700 psig operating pressure range). Also ready for shipment are the high tech D-style packaged watertube boilers that generate 90,000 pph of saturated steam, 395 psi design pressure, 100 to 360 psig operating pressure range. 

The A and D style watertube boilers come with the manufacturer’s standard boiler trim, low NOx burner, forced draft fan and motor, burner management/combustion controls, structural steel, ductwork and operation and maintenance manuals. Indeck will display the new boilers at the upcoming Electric Power Expo in Chicago May 14-16 and will provide free consultation on selecting the right boiler for your plant. 

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