Mini Peristaltic Pump Features Continuous-Duty 24 VDC Gear Motor

Aalborg Instruments recently released its TPT low-flow mini peristaltic pumps. These new models feature flow rates of 1 ml/min to 30 ml/min. Users can select from four different RPM drives (8, 12, 17 or 25 RPM) and various tubing sizes.

Users can reverse the direction of flow with a control switch that includes on-off and CW-CCW reversible settings. The motor is a continuous-duty 24-VDC gear motor, brush style with internal permanent magnet. An optional power supply with a 24=VDC, 1.08 Amp, 2.1mm, center-positive DC jack can be ordered separately.

An optional counter indicates the number of revolutions. Construction consists of a rigid metal housing, aluminum square tube and top and bottom plates. The roller head has four rollers and glass-filled PTFE for quiet operation. The compact size provides a small 4" x 4" footprint. The TPT pumps are suitable for many applications, including pH control, fermentation equipment, nutrient dosing and environmental sampling functions.

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