Piston Trap Station Minimizes Installation Area

TLV Corp. has released the V1P piston trap station. The V1P trap stations feature a forged steel body with a rugged, compact and versatile design. They help minimize installation area and adapt to plant maximum allowable pressure (PMA) requirements.  The V1P is a lower-priced alternative to the V1 bellows sealed trap station.  It also employs a high-performance Class 800 piston valve comprised of upper and lower valve rings made of alternating layers of stainless steel and graphite that provide exceptionally tight sealing, suitable for PMA to 725 psig and PMO 725 psig.

The V1P also features a QuickTrap 2-bolt universal connector, which permits trap unit replacement in minutes without disturbing piping. The built-in screen with large surface area helps promote trouble free operation.  The optional BD2 blowdown valve is available on some models for Trap Station blowdown and trap testing, helping to obtain a zero energy condition.

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