Digital pH/ORP Sensor Helps Improve Maintenance Efficiency

Yokogawa Corporation of America released a new Sencom platform product series for the digital measurement of pH and ORP. This will join an existing lineup of quality pH/ORP solutions that includes the FLXA21 two-wire pH/ORP-transmitter.

The Sencom platform initially consists of a Sencom module, the FU20F pH/ORP Sencom sensor, a Sencom cable and the SPS24 Sencom PC software. The installation of a Sencom module in an FLXA21 transmitter will give it the powerful digital signal processing capabilities required to work together with the new Sencom sensors.

The FU20F can store digital data and be calibrated using the SPS24 Sencom PC software and/or the FLXA21. The sensor is able to process digital signals and store digital information, including calibration data. Using either the SPS24 PC software or an FLXA21 transmitter, it can do offline calibration of these sensors in a laboratory, where working conditions are optimal. In addition, the ability to swap out the FU20F and replace it with a calibrated sensor could reduce measurement downtime. In addition, with the SPS24 software, it will be possible to simultaneously calibrate up to four Sencom sensors.

The SPS24 software features an integrated database capable of storing data for up to 100 Sencom sensors. This enables predictive maintenance, allowing service staff to identify when sensor maintenance and/or replacement is required. In addition, there is no longer the need to go on-site to obtain the data stored on a converter.

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