Acrylic Flow Meter Includes Newly Designed Multi-Turn Valve

A newly designed multi-turn valve has now been added to Aalborg Instruments’ ACRX acrylic flow meter line. ACRX V’s new feature complements existing ACRX meters by eliminating the expense of investing in costly external valves. In addition, ACRX models enable users to perform metering control functions where space is limited.

ACRX V’s valve is installed at the inlet (bottom) of the meter. Alternately, for vacuum service, it is installed at the outlet (top) of the meter. The features of the basic ACRX line also offered in these new models include dual-scale display flow rates in both metric and English units, maximum temperature of 130ºF/54ºC, maximum pressure of 100 psi/6.89 bar, accuracy of ±3% FS and a float and guide composed of 316 stainless steel.

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