Solution Combines More Than Two FCC Catalyst Functionalities

BASF introduces the Multi-Stage Reaction Catalyst (MSRC) platform, its latest product for fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts. The MSRC manufacturing platform allows for FCC catalyst particles with staged reaction zones, having different catalytic properties for each stage.  

The MSRC manufacturing platform can be used in combination with BASF’s existing FCC catalyst technologies, including its Distributed Matrix Structure (DMS) and Proximal Stable Matrix and Zeolite (Prox-SMZ) platforms. The MSRC manufacturing process allows for the combination of two or more FCC catalyst functionalities within a single catalyst particle. In addition, the location of the various reaction stages can be specifically engineered to achieve maximum value for the customer. The staging approach can be applied to the processing of heavier feedstocks or the maximization of specific product yields in the FCC unit.

Commercial manufacturing trials of the first MSRC-based FCC catalyst were successfully completed in the first quarter of 2010 at BASF’s manufacturing facilities. A commercial performance trial will begin in the third quarter of 2010. One of the key enablers in the development of the MSRC platform is the binding properties provided by BASF’s in-situ manufacturing process. During manufacturing, zeolite is grown across the catalyst stages and interface, acting as a binder, thereby ensuring the catalyst particles meet the required attrition-resistance properties.  

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