Steam Injection Heater Provides 100% Heat Transfer and Precise Temperature Control

Pick Direct Steam Injection (DSI) Systems can be used to heat any water miscible liquid or aqueous slurry instantly on a continuous, straight-through basis. The Pick system injects steam into the liquid through hundreds of small orifices in the injection tube. Fine “bubbles” of steam are instantly absorbed by the liquid, resulting in 100% transfer of heat energy. A spring-loaded piston rises or falls as more or less steam is required. This prevents pressure equalization between steam and water pressure, thus eliminating steam hammer. Helical flights in the chamber promote thorough mixing prior to discharge.

When compared with indirect shell and tube or plate and frame heat exchangers, Pick Heaters can cut fuel costs by up to 28% because 100% of the available energy from the steam is absorbed by the liquid. Accurate temperature control throughout the entire operating range conserves energy and assures product quality. The Pick Heater adapts quickly to load changes and maintains precise temperature control to within 1°C or less in many systems.

Pick Heaters are available in both 316 SS, 3A sanitary construction including heater and piping and non-sanitary cast 316 SS construction.

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