Magnetic Level Gauge Requires No External Power

Brooks Instrument's 810 Series magnetic level gauge provides reliable liquid level measurement through the use of a proven magnetic float technology, which does not require external power. As a result, plant engineers can continue to monitor material levels regardless of planned or unplanned power cuts. Optional alarms and transmitters are available to permit remote monitoring as well. The gauge features sealed measurement chambers constructed from stainless steel, PVC, PPH, PVDF or PTFE that enable reliable level measurement of an assortment of liquids, including those that are corrosive, toxic or otherwise hazardous.

Because the only moving part in contact with the fluid is the float, the instruments are durable. The level gauges measure liquid level (or liquid/liquid interface) over ranges from as short as one foot (0.3 meters) to as long as 20 feet (six meters), and longer with multiple sections of instruments if needed. Designs are available to handle fluid temperatures from -256 °F (-160 °C) to 750 °F (400 °C) and pressures as high as 3,480 PSI (240 bar). Applications include product tank monitoring, feed water heaters, condensate and separator systems, cryogenic gases, effluent tanks, etc. 

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