Oxygen Analyzers Improve Efficiency of Boilers and Furnaces and Provide Immediate Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Emerson Process Management has enhanced its line of Rosemount Analytical X-stream Oxygen Analyzers to improve the efficiency of large boilers and furnaces and to provide the immediate reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with minimal investment. 

Large industrial boilers and furnaces are primary generators of CO2, a greenhouse gas. Rosemount Analytical X-stream Oxygen in-situ combustion flue gas analyzers are ideal for optimizing combustion and reducing emissions. These analyzers provide information to control the fuel-to-air ratio of the burner, much in the same way it’s done on today’s automobiles. The X-stream Oxygen probe offers improved AccuMax accuracy specifications, extended temperature capabilities and longer probe lengths up to 18 feet long to satisfy the need of the industry’s biggest boilers and furnaces. 

Large furnaces will typically have many burners delivering fuel and air into the combustion zone, which may be the size of a 10-story office building. Balancing the burners maximizes heat rate efficiency and minimizes the potential damage to the furnace from flame impingement, tube leaks, excessive soot, slagging and other potential operational problems.

To achieve balance and avoid these problems, many facilities use permanently mounted oxygen probes at different locations inside the flue gas duct and average the readings inside the control system to optimize the total furnace fuel-to-air-ratio. Readings from the oxygen probes also provide an indication of the stratification of flue gases inside the furnace.  

The X-stream line of combustion oxygen probes offer long life in this difficult service and are designed to be repaired without removing the probe from the furnace duct. Additionally, they can provide indication of reducing conditions that may occur inside the furnace during plant upsets.

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