Wireless Thermocouple Connector Transmits Data Continuously at Different Time Intervals

Omega's Wireless Thermocouple Connector Series features stand-alone, compact, battery powered thermocouple connectors that transmit linearized, cold junction compensated measurements back to a USB-powered receiver connected to a PC. Each wireless connector unit can be programmed in the field to work as a type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N or C calibration connector.

The universal input accepts both standard and miniature size mating connectors. When activated, the connector will transmit data continuously at different user-selectable time intervals. Up to 12 wireless connectors can be used with a single receiver. The included software program converts your PC into a 12 channel meter, strip chart recorder and data logger. Readings can be saved and later printed or exported to a spread sheet file.

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Omega Engineering