Wastewater treatment plant engineers looking for a convenient, time-saving and lower cost way to communicate with aeration and compressed air flow meters will find the new ST50 Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) not only provides best-in-class measurement and value for line sizes from 2 to 24 inches (51 to 610 mm), but it also available with a wireless communication option.

Utilizing a wireless IR technology built-in to the ST50 flow meter and a standard, low-cost PDA, field technicians can obtain measurements, make setting changes and read trouble-shooting codes without ever having to open the instrument. This feature is designed for applications where flow meters are installed in hard-to-reach locations or where opening the instrument is inconvenient or labor intensive.

The wireless IR link eliminates the need for proprietary programmers, which simplifies maintenance and reduces overall cost. FCI's wireless IR sensing capability is included in all ST50 aeration flow meters with a digital display readout. FCI also supplies the easy-to-use user interface software for downloading into any Palm-OS-based PDA.

The ST50 flow meter utilizes thermal dispersion flow measurement technology in an easy-to-install, single-tap point inserted design. It provides precision aeration flow measurement over a wide turn-down range, and its no-moving-parts design needs virtually no maintenance. With prices beginning at $995.00 -- it meets the challenge of lowest total installed cost when compared to orifice plates, differential pressure, vortex shedding and other thermal instruments. It is said to be ideal for use in municipal and industrial wastewater aeration control, and blower systems, as well as aeration flow control in lakes, ponds or aquaculture.

The ST50 insertion-type flow meter is designed with a fully temperature-compensated thermal flow sensing element constructed with precision, lithography etched platinum RTDs embedded in FCI's patented equal-mass miniature diameter thermowells.

The ST50 measures air flow from 1 to 125 SFPS (0.3 to 38 NMPS), nitrogen from 1 to 150 SFPS (0.3 to 46 NMPS) and compressed air from 4 to 400 SFPS (1.2 to 122 NMPS). Accuracy is +2% of reading, +0.5% of full scale, with repeatability of +0.5% of reading.

The ST50 is field configurable for flow range in standard mass flow or volumetric engineering units. In addition to the wireless IR I/O, it features dual analog outputs, 4-20 mA and 0-10 V DC, which are field assignable as flow rate or temperature and a RS232C I/O port. A 0-1kHz pulse output for totalizing flow is also available as an option. All configurations are user set in the field with any standard laptop to the RS232C port and/or via the wireless IR link/PDA.

Designed for long-life in outdoor and field installation conditions, the ST50's sensing element is constructed of stainless steel with Hast-C tips, and its electronics are housed in an all-aluminum, epoxy-coated enclosure that is NEMA 4X (IP66) rated and FM/CSA approved for hazardous location installations. It withstands operational pressures up to 500 psig [34 bar (g)] and operates in media temperatures up to 250°F (121°C). Optional process connections are 1/2-inch MNPT or 3/4-inch MNPT with a stainless steel or Teflon ferrule. It is available in three field adjustable U-length probes, 6, 12 and 18 inches (152, 305 and 457 mm) to accommodate pipe sizes 2-124 inch (51 to 610 mm). Instrument powering options include both DC (18-36V) and AC (85-265V). The ST50 comes with a 1-year standard warranty.

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