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The new Vibrasonic Spiroscreen introduced by Russell Finex, enables chemical powders to be sieved on finer meshes with more accuracy than ever before. This increases the value of the screened powders as well as improving their final quality.

The Russell Vibrasonic Spiroscreen achieves these improvements by eliminating mesh blinding. Eliminating blinding offers other benefits including an increase in production output. Sieving capacities increase because all the apertures remain clear and powder can pass through them. Downtime is reduced as there is no need to stop the production process to clean the mesh.

Eliminating blinding also reduces production costs. Accurately screening chemical powders in one pass, maximizes sieving capacity thereby preventing the need to re-size good product.  This reduces production time and increases yields – both saving money.

The new Vibrasonic Spiroscreen uses a spiral shaped ultrasonic distribution element to provide maximum control of the powder on the mesh screen thereby increasing its effectiveness in separating out the different sized particles in chemical powders. This element is driven by a finely tuned Russell Finex Vibrasonic control unit incorporating technology proven over 30 years.   The combination of out of balance weight settings, the shape of the spiral and the vibration activity guides the product to give full mesh usage.  The resonator provides the opportunity to use larger screens with a single resonator and probe while keeping even activity levels over the whole mesh surface.  As a deblinding aid it covers more mesh surface allowing maximum screen coverage.

The system is easy to tailor to specific needs. A touch sensitive control panel on the generator box gives the ability to adjust the ultrasonic activity level along with the other functions to easily optimise the system's performance for different types of chemical powders. The unit is also available with a Profibus DP interface for easy integration into central control systems.

The Vibrasonic system is easy to fit to an existing sieve or screener – even if it is not a Russell Finex model.

Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding Systems have been improving product quality in many industries since the early 1980's. These include: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, powder coatings, electrostatic powder paint, metal powders, ceramics and toner powder as well as many more.

Russell Finex are the originators of the ultrasonic deblinding system and are the only manufacturers of both sieving and ultrasonic deblinding equipment with in house expertise in both technologies.  This is particularly important as they both need to be set up together to get the optimum performance from the combination of one technology with the other.

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