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USON Announces Leak Testing Automation Service

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jun 14, 2012

A new joint venture has been created between USON's leak testers and Innovative Products & Equipment's automation systems expertise. The new venture, called USON-Innovative Systems (UIS), is intended to be a single source turnkey solution for semi- and fully automated leak testing applications.

UIS assists chemical industry product manufacturers seeking to eliminate the risk of releasing defective valves, tanks, and other leak-proof products and components used in the chemicals industry. Automation systems such as robotic part handling are integrated with a suitable leak detector by the engineering team comprising the UIS service.
According to Dave Foran, president of USON, customers seeking to automate or semi-automate NDT leak testing operations will have access to a custom design that is "not only tuned to their leak detection needs, but also the most efficient production line design possible." In most cases, UIS will provide a detailed application quote within two weeks of request.
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