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Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Presents At NAMF Mixing XXIII

By Chemical Processing Staff

Aug 28, 2012

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd. (PMSL) was selected to present its new impeller design technology at the recent North American Mixing Forum Mixing XXIII in Mayan Riviera, Mexico, June 17-23. Oral and poster presentations were given by world leaders in the mixing field from 19 countries.

PMSL presented in the session “Industrial Mixing Processes: Large Scale, Mechanical Design and Operating Strategies. Bob Higbee (engineer), Jason Giacomelli (speaker/lab engineer) and Wojciech Wyczalkowski (R&D) introduced the Advanced Hydrofoil ARI-2 Impeller (patent pending) new impeller design technology.

Wyczalkowski has over 22 years of mixing experience with PMSL and is author/coauthor of six patents and 12 technical papers. Higbee has over 30 years engineering experience (20 with PMSL) with over four patents and one patent-pending design for the new ARI-2 impeller. Giacomelli is the R&D lab/chemical engineer at PMSL, specializing in mixing and CFD chemical engineering.

Other topics presented at NAMF included "Vortex Generation with Submerged Baffles" and "Measurement of Wall Jets in Stirred Tanks with Varying Baffle Off-Wall Clearance and their Relationship to Solids Suspension and Cloud Height."

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