Design & Simulation

Mynah Introduces Cloud-based Dynamic Simulators

By Chemical Processing Staff

Aug 27, 2012

Mynah Technologies is now offering professional services for the design and implementation of Virtual Dynamic Simulators. Based on private cloud computing and VMWare Virtualization technology, the simulators use the company's MiMiC Simulation Software.

Mynah has delivered Virtual Dynamic Simulators to several process companies and these services are currently available to all MiMiC users. The private cloud implementation enables flexible access and agility, but also includes a firewall that offers security for the end user.

The simulators reduce training and development system hardware requirements and protect dynamic simulation to control system simulator communications through the use of virtual LAN implementations.

Other features include one-button startup of training and development systems from any networked PC or thin client and the ability for multiple control system implementations and dynamic models, as well as handle system expansions and upgrades with minimal hardware investments.
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