Environmental Health & Safety

ATMI, SRI To Market CO2 Capture System

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jul 30, 2012

ATMI is partnering with SRI International to commercialize a new carbon dioxide (CO2) capture system. Under a new marketing agreement, ATMI will lead commercialization efforts and engage potential development partners for rapid scale-up and commercial deployment of the systems.

The system combines ATMI's precision BrightBlack carbon adsorbent technology and a proprietary, adsorbent-based gas separation technology designed by SRI. The system can be used at coal or natural gas-fired power plants, and has demonstrated performance using flue gas typical of either coal or natural gas-fired power plants.

Laboratory, pilot and field tests have shown that BrightBlack carbon microbead adsorbents display positive physical adsorption characteristics for CO2, with high capacity and low regeneration energy. It has consistently demonstrated CO2 capture efficiencies greater than 90% with CO2 purities as high as 99%.

For more information, visit www.atmi.com.