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Fluid Imaging Technologies celebrates the 100th sale of its FlowCAM particle imaging and analysis system

Source: ChemicalProcessing.com

Sep 03, 2008

A testament to the increasing understanding that imaging is required for truly reliable particle measurements, Fluid Imaging Technologies, (www.FluidImaging.com) recently celebrated the 100th sale of its FlowCAM particle imaging and analysis system. Purchased by global plastic powders producer ICO Polymers North America, Inc., Houston, Texas, the FlowCAM particle imaging and analysis system automatically takes high-resolution, full-color digital images of particles and cells in real time and saves them with their corresponding sets of measurements for further review, analysis and collaborative review. ICO plans to use it in support of its powder development efforts, according to ICO Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Craig Davis.

This 100th FlowCAM sale comes shortly after Fluid Imaging Technologies moved to its new corporate headquarters and expanded its manufacturing capabilities to accommodate the company’s growth. “The buzz around our technology suggests we’re an overnight sensation, but, in reality, reaching this milestone is the result of many years of hard work and dedication by everyone at the company,” says Kent Peterson, CEO of Fluid Imaging Technologies. The company’s patented imaging technology has provided more accurate, actionable information than was previously possible, often rendering existing methods that lack imaging and its associated capabilities virtually obsolete.