Fundamentals Tutorial Series

On-Demand Tutorial Webinar Series

Fundamentals are 15- to 25-minute on-demand tutorial webinars that deliver a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of a wide range of specific topic areas. We've tapped experts to present information that will help you make your facility as efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and economically competitive as possible. Be sure to access all the downloadable materials for each Fundamentals tutorial.

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CP Fundamental Rupture Disc Devices

In the 1930s the oil industry started using soft metal plates for overpressure protection which was the birth of the rupture disc. While the basic purpose of rupture discs - that being to protect equipment and personnel from overpressure situations has not changed much over the years, rupture disc technology and materials have. This 12 minute tutorial provides a brief history of rupture discs, explains why rupture discs are needed; reviews the basic types of rupture discs and what to do if a rupture disc bursts. Watch now.

CP Fundamental Clamp Down on Clumping

This tutorial features Tom Blackwood, an expert in solids processing. Tom discusses how to mitigate clumping issues. He offers sound advice that will enable viewers to solve future problems on their own.

CP Fundamental Heat Exchanger Cleaning

This tutorial presented by Bertram Moniz and Iam Hemrick identifies the cleanability issues with heat exchangers. It also discusses two common methods for heat exchanger cleaning: high pressure water jetting and chemical cleaning.