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Siemens And Bentley Establish Process Industries Academy

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jun 13, 2018

The Siemens Divisions Process Industries and Drives (PD) and Digital Factory (DF) together with Bentley Systems and the Bentley Institute found a Process Industries Academy with the aim of sharing best practice for plant engineering and operations. Academies are situated in Karlsruhe, Germany (Siemens Process Automation World); Houston, Texas/United States (Bentley’s Digital Advancement Academy); and Shanghai, China (Siemens Process Industry Center for Excellence) to support the global process industry. The first event will be held in the second half of 2018 at the Siemens Process Automation World in Karlsruhe.

Established working methods are under constant review across the whole plant life cycle, according to Siemens. Less investment in green field projects and an increased focus on optimizing productivity, performance and utilization of existing plants are reportedly causing plant operators to search for new ways in which to increase competitiveness and operating revenue. The Process Industries Academy will provide training using practical examples to illustrate significant elements of digitalization for more efficient planning and development as well as the successful operation of plants. Participants will experience how the development of a clear digital strategy improves collaboration, communication and coordination between the individual project teams and generates an ideal environment for optimizing the generation of information and digital workflows, according to SIemens. 

“The Process Industries Academy offers industry experts an ideal setting to exchange their experience on improving business processes from both a practical and technically innovative perspective. This allows teams to receive targeted training and to gain the knowledge required to be more productive and therefore to achieve the best results,” says Alan Lamont, vice president digital advancement academies at Bentley. “As part of the training, participants will gain a better understanding of their role and function within plant engineering and operation. Real life examples of ‘going digital’ will demonstrate the most important elements of a digital approach for efficient and economical operation of plants in the process industry and will show how this can drive forward investment projects and the business of lending.” 

Eckard Eberle, CEO of the Process Automation (PD PA) Business Unit and head of the Siemens booth at the Achema trade fair, says, “Our vision for the Process Industries Academy is to support plant operators, decision makers and project managers through the digital transformation in order to encourage collaboration between their teams, the business processes and technology and to match these to each other so that the result is maximum efficiency in plant operation.”

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