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Australian Farmers Seek Compensation For Tainted Herbicides, Lost Crops

By Chemical Processing Staff

Dec 31, 2018

Farmers in Australia are seeking compensation after they claim contaminated herbicides wiped out their vegetable crops, according to an article from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The tainted herbicides were recalled by Syngenta and Nufarm in late 2016 and early 2017 but not before many farmers sprayed the products on their crops. The recalled products reportedly contained impurities from different herbicides that were traced back to the manufacturer.

According to ABC, some growers report tons of produce have been lost. One farm’s lawsuit against Syngenta and manufacturing company Accensi reportedly alleges that it never received notification of the herbicide recall, a claim bolstered by other farmers and agricultural experts who have criticized the recall process as “inadequate and secretive.” Syngenta defended the way it executed the recall in a statement to ABC, citing that the process was “in accordance with the voluntary recall guidelines of the national agrochemical regulator, the APVMA.”

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